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COM6 Natal Field Trial Championships

1st Border Field Trial Championships

COM3 Border Field Trial Championships
Reg No / Microchip: 2564
Dog Name: FTCh Thendele Aero
Call Name: Aero
Whelped: 2003-11-13
Sex: Male
Color: Liver and White
Breed: English Pointer
Owner: Miller JF
Kennel Name: Thendele
Reward / Accomplishment: FTCh
HD Left: B1
HD Right: B1
Breeder: Aadnesgaard K
Reg Date: 0000-00-00
Sire: FTCh Chester of Stormberg
Dam: Scully of Thendele
Litter Mates: FTCh Thendele Foxy Lady
Thendele Duchess
Thendele Bader
Thendele Chap
Thendele Gazelle
Thendele Eley
Thendele Diva
Offspring: Winston Tumbles
NFTCh Winston Carlou
Winston Wendy
FTCh Winston Target
Winston Bana
Winston Msindo
Winston Mustang Sally
NFTCh Winston Noogaa
Thendele Stock
Thendele Ninja
FTCh Thendele Zak
Thendele Bolt
Thendele Notley
Von Bush Bush Admiral
Von Bush Bush Disco
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