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Reg No / Microchip: 1745
Dog Name: FTCh Chester of Stormberg
Call Name: Chester
Whelped: 1996-10-20
Sex: Male
Color: Black & White
Breed: English Pointer
Owner: Bell L
Kennel Name: Stormberg
Reward / Accomplishment: FTCh
HD Left:
HD Right:
Breeder: Stretton Justin
Reg Date: 0000-00-00
Sire: Laezonia Jason Little
Dam: Loagheyre Josie
Litter Mates: 0
Offspring: Stormberg Kili
Stormberg Pepper
Stormberg Chester II
Stormberg Tess II
Stormberg Bandit
Mountain Valley Gale
Mountain Valley Flash
Mountain Valley Lily
Mountain Valley Blaze
Mountain Valley Blizzard
Mountain Valley Echo
Mountain Valley Sleet
Mountain Valley Breeze
Upland Sniper
Upland Zoe
Upland Ruby
Upland Brakkenjan
Upland Allan Donald
Upland Mischa
Upland Keano
Upland Schumi
Upland Benjamin Francolin
Upland Patrys
Upland Chommie
Upland Nevin
Upland Linford
Stormberg Tess III
Stormberg Makala
Stormberg Dodge
Stormberg Patrys
Stormberg Shot
Stormberg Spot
Stormberg Komba
Stormberg Arrow
Stormberg Lexom
Stormberg Maverick
Stormberg Dharma
Stormberg Seal
Stormberg Zak
Stormberg Hunter
Stormberg Sabastein
FTCh Stormberg Chance
Stormberg Ladd
Northwell Boston
Northwell Omaha
Northwell Alabama
Northwell Philladelphia
Northwell Georgia
Northwell Reno
NFTCh Northwell Pennsylvania
Northwell Seattle
Mountain Valley Misty
Mountain Valley Leo
Mountain Valley Speckle
Mountain Valley Fairy
Mountain Valley Lex
Mountain Valley Lumus
Mountain Valley Dixiland
FTCh Mountain Valley Pepper
Mountain Valley Wizard
Stormberg Sage
Stormberg Duke
Stormberg Hanna
Stormberg Sheba
Stormberg Taiga
Stormberg Purdey
Stormberg Shivers
Stormberg Nandi
Stormberg Charlie
FTCh Thendele Foxy Lady
Thendele Duchess
Thendele Bader
Thendele Chap
FTCh Thendele Aero
Thendele Gazelle
Thendele Eley
Thendele Diva
Mountain Valley Bella
Mountain Valley Amber
Mountain Valley Jenna
Mountain Valley Grace
NFTCh Mountain Valley Ranger
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