Est. 1979


1.     NAME

The name of the association shall be THE NATIONAL FIELD TRIAL ASSOCIATION which name shall be inscribed on all official letters, papers, programmes, certificates and other notices emanating from it.


2.1 The "NFTA" means the National Field Trial Association.

2.2 The "RSA" means the Republic of South Africa.

2.3 "British Breeds" means Pointer, English Setter, Irish Setter, and Gordon Setter.

2.4 "Continental Breeds" means Brittany, German Short-haired Pointer, German Wire-haired Pointer, Vizsla, Weimeraner, Wire-haired Pointing Griffon

and any other of the recognised hunt, point and retrieve breeds.

2.5 The "NGF" means the National Game Bird Federation.

2.6 The "F.I.D.I.C" means Federazione Internazionale Della Caccia (International Hunting Federation) based in Rome, Italy.

The organising body that conducts the annual “World Cup” for pointing breeds and the “St. Hubert”.

2.7 "F.C.I." means Federation Cynologique International (International Federation of matters relating to the world of dogs) based in Brussels, Belgium.

2.8 "KUSA" means the Kennel Union of Southern Africa.

2.9 "British Rules" means the rules and guides for the judging of field trials for British Breeds.

2.10 “Continental Rules" means the rules and guides for the judging of field trials for Continental Breeds.

2.11 "SAFTC" means the South African Field Trial Club. ( SAFTC removed 2010 AGM)

2.12 "BFTC" means the Border Field Trial Club.

2.13 "NFTC" means the Natal Field Trial Club.

2.14 “WCFTC" means the Western Cape Field Trial Club.

2.15 "TVL HPR FTC" means the Transvaal Hunt, Point and Retrieve Field Trial Club.

2.16 “KZN HPR FTC” means the Kwa Zulu - Natal Hunt Point and Retrieve Field Trial Club.

2.17 The “Members” means all the members of the NFTA.

2.18 The "Member Clubs" means the Foundation Member Clubs and Affiliated Member Clubs.

2.19 The "Executive Committee" means the Executive Committee of the NFTA

2.20 "Host Club" means a member of the NFTA hosting a field trial.

2.21 “Regulations for the Conduct of Field Trials" means the regulations promulgated by the NFTA for the conduct of field trials for British Breeds

and Continental Breeds.

2.22 "Rules and Guides for the Judging of Field Trials" means the rules and guides promulgated by the NFTA for the judging of field trials for

British Breeds and Continental Breeds.

3.     OBJECT

The object of the NFTA is to be the controlling body of the sport of field trialing in the RSA, for British and Continental Breeds of pointing dogs.


The NFTA shall have the following objectives and powers:

4.1 To promote and encourage the continuance of the sport of field trialing in the RSA;

4.2 To draft, frame, amend, amplify and/or adopt rules and regulations necessary for the conducting and judging of field trials in the RSA;

4.3 To promote and encourage national uniformity in the understanding and interpretation of the rules and regulations;

4.4 To publish guides and/or recommendations to judges and field stewards;

4.5 To grant affiliation to any field trial club and/or association of pointing dog breeds, on the condition that they recognise the NFTA as being the

controlling body pertaining to all matters regarding field trials for British and Continental breeds of pointing dogs;

4.6 To conduct on an annual basis a National Field Trial Championship event for British Breeds;

4.7 To conduct a National Field Trial Championship event for Continental Breeds;

4.8 To represent the interests of the Members at any national or international forum or organization which the Executive Committee may consider to be

conducive to the furthering of its objectives;

4.9 To annually elect representatives on national bodies related to the conservation, well being and sustainability of all gamebirds in the RSA;

4.10 To annually elect a representative to the F.I.D.I.C.;

4.11 To nominate judges to the F.I.D.I.C. to represent the RSA;

4.12 To make and enter into agreements and arrangements with other associations, individuals and/or bodies which might further the objectives of the NFTA

and the Members;

4.13 To arrange international competitions between representatives of the RSA and other countries;

4.14 To select teams to represent the RSA in local or international events, in accordance with the rules herein provided;

4.15 To award NFTA Colours;

4.16 To acknowledge the agreement of reciprocity with KUSA of October 2003;

4.17 To acknowledge that the NFTA is required to advance information to KUSA regarding participation in F.C.I. / F.I.D.I.C. events to enable KUSA

to advise the F.C.I. / F.I.D.I.C. of the intended participation in their events by members of the Member Clubs;

4.18 To maintain and distribute a "LIST" of Judges for British Breeds Trials and for Continental Breeds Trials and to determine the qualifications for Judges

and standards to be abided by them;

4.19 To purchase, sell, exchange, lease, sub-lease, pledge, give in exchange, turn to account, mortgage, donate or otherwise deal with all movable and

immovable property and all rights to such property and/or with any part of the property and rights of the NFTA;

4.20 To borrow or raise money in such a manner as the Executive Committee may think fit, to secure the repayment of such money, and to lend and invest

the funds and monies of the NFTA in mortgages, debentures or in such other manner as may be deemed fit;

4.21 To accept any gift, endowment or bequest made to or for the NFTA, to carry out any trust allotted, stipulated and constituted in respect of any such

gift, endowment or bequest and to make donations in furtherance of theobjectives of the NFTA;

4.22 To enter into arrangements with any authorities (government, provincial, municipal or otherwise) or any corporations, companies, bodies or persons,

for union of interests, cooperation, joint venture, reciprocal concession,affiliation or sharing of profits and to obtain for the NFTA any contracts, rights, privileges,

concessions and licences and to carry out, exercise and comply with the conditions attaching to any such contracts, rights, privileges, concessions and licences;

4.23 To remunerate any person, firm or company rendering service to the NFTA in particular any servant or employee of the NFTA, to give pensions

or gratuities to any such servant or employee, to make payments towards insurance and to form and contribute to any fund for the benefit

of servants or employees of the NFTA, or any particular class of such servants and employees;

4.24 To purchase and sell all manner of NFTA apparatus and equipment and further purchase and sell all manner of provisions and refreshments;

4.25 To arrange social functions, trials and competitions, offer and grant prizes, awards and distinctions and contribute to the provision of such prizes,

awards and distinctions;

4.26 To charge for admission and/or reserve the right of admission to any portion of the NFTA's grounds or premises or events subject to any conditions

that may from time to time be imposed by the authority from whom the grounds or premises in question may have been leased or otherwise;

4.27 To teach or cause to be taught any skill, or transfer knowledge relating to the sport of field trialing;

4.28 To keep a stud book for British Breeds and Continental Breeds and to appoint a registrar to maintain the stud book;

4.29 To institute, defend, abandon, or compromise any action or proceeding at Law in any Court, or at arbitration, by or against the NFTA or its officers,

employees, members or agents concerning the affairs of the NFTA or relative to its objective, or to assist any such officer, employee or Member

in any such action or proceeding;

4.30 To do all or any of the above things and also such other things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the object of the NFTA

or to the proper exercise of the foregoing powers or any of them.



5.1     Member Clubs:

5.1.1      Foundation Member Clubs
             Are the BFTC.

5.1.2.  Affiliated Member Clubs


5.2   Agreement Member Clubs

Are those KUSA affiliated clubs holding Field Trials for Pointing Breeds.



6.1   Application for membership shall be made in writing at least 7 (seven) weeks prior to an NFTA Annual General Meeting

and shall be considered by the Executive Committee.

6.2    The Executive Committee has complete and absolute discretion to accept or refuse any application.

6.3    The Secretary of the NFTA shall, within 7 (seven) days after the AGM, notify the applicant of the Executive Committee's decision.

6.4    A copy of the applicant’s Constitution must accompany the application for membership



7.1   The NFTA is a voluntary association capable of suing and being sued and capable of owning immovable and movable property.

7.2   The NFTA shall have an identity and existence distinct from its members and office-bearers.

7.3   The NFTA shall continue to exist notwithstanding any change in its membership or change of its office-bearers.

7.4   The Members and office-bearers of the NFTA shall not become liable for any of the obligations and liabilities of the NFTA solely by virtue of their status

as Members or office-bearers of the NFTA. The liability of the Members is limited to the payment of any amount owing by them to the NFTA.

7.5   Membership of the NFTA does not and shall not give to any Member any right, title, interest, claim or demand in or to any of the monies,

property or assets of the NFTA,but only confers upon the members of such Member Clubs the right and privilege of entering in and upon the

NFTA's premises (if any) and of using and enjoying the same in accordance with the use to which the same are devoted by the Executive Committee

and subject to such reasonable restrictions as the Executive Committee may from time to time impose, subject to the Constitution and Rules

and Regulations of the NFTA, provided that nothing herein contained shall prevent the Executive Committee from charging the Members,

their members or other persons, an entrance fee to the grounds or buildings or the events of the NFTA, or any portions thereof,

upon occasions when the grounds or buildings of the NFTA, are used for other special purposes or let out for hire or otherwise.



8.1   Non-payment of subscriptions, fees or levies by any Member may result in expulsion.

8.2   Whenever the Executive Committee is of the opinion that the behaviour or conduct of a Member has been harmful, prejudicial or injurious

to the objectives, interest, good order or character of the NFTA, the Executive Committee can reprimand, suspend, or expel a Member.

In each case the action must be performed in writing and in a case of suspension or expulsion the Member has the right to firstly explain

its actions to the Executive Committee and has the right to appeal at a special general meeting convened for that purpose.

8.2.1   An appeal must be lodged within 30 (thirty) days of receipt of notification of a suspension or expulsion.

8.2.2   A suspension cannot be imposed for longer than 12 months, during which period a Member cannot enjoy any of the rights of a Member

nor be entitled to any recompense for that period.

8.3   In the event of a Member Club disciplining an individual, such Member Club shall be required to inform the NFTA and all Member Clubs

of such disciplinary action.



Annual subscriptions, levies or fees shall be determined by the Executive Committee from time to time and shall be due and payable upon demand.



10.1   The affairs of the NFTA shall be managed by an Executive Committee, which shall have the power to determine all matters pertaining to the NFTA,

which are not inconsistent with this Constitution.

10.2   The Executive Committee shall be composed of two elected representatives from each Member Club. Such appointees shall hold office from election

for a period to be determined by the relevant Member Club.

10.3   In the event of a vacancy occurring during the term of office of an elected Executive Committee member described in 10.2 above, the Member Club whose

representative has vacated his office may elect a substitute representative.

10.4   An Executive Committee member shall be eligible for re-election by that person's Member Club.

10.5   The Executive Committee shall appoint from the elected representatives a president, who shall during his/her term of office preside as chairperson

at any meetings of the NFTA. A Member Club from which the President is elected may elect a substitute representative from that Member Club.

10.6   In the event of the absence of the President at a meeting, the Executive Committee shall then elect from the members of the Executive Committee

present, a temporary chairperson who shall preside at such meeting.

10.7   The Executive Committee shall appoint representatives as secretary/ programmer and treasurer.

10.8   The President, Secretary and Treasurer shall hold office from election, with their term of office ceasing at the following annual general meeting.

10.9   A President may not be re-elected to hold such office for a period longer than 3 (three) consecutive years.

10.10   The President of the NFTA shall perform the duties of Trustee in whom shall vest all movable and immovable property. In handling the property

of the NFTA or in legal issues, the President shall always act on behalf of the NFTA in accordance with decisions of the Executive Committee.

10.11   All office bearers and Members are indemnified by the NFTA in respect of any liability incurred while acting on behalf of the NFTA, provided they

acted in accordance with the directions given or decisions made by the Executive Committee and in terms of this Constitution.

10.12   The Executive Committee shall ensure that all trophies, books of account, minutes of meetings and property of whatever nature, are properly cared

for, maintained and safely kept.

10.13  The Secretary of the NFTA shall be entrusted with maintaining and annually updating a list of Judges.

10.14  A Member Club shall provide the Secretary of the NFTA with a copy of its constitution and shall notify the Secretary within 30 days of any changes

made thereto.



11.1 The Executive Committee shall annually arrange a field trial to conduct a National Championship Stake for British Breeds.

11.2 The Executive Committee shall from time to time arrange a field trial to conduct a National Championship Stake for Continental Breeds.

11.3 The host of the National Field Trial Championship event shall be rotated amongst the Member Clubs. Such rotation shall be

determined by the Executive Committee.

11.4 The Executive Committee shall arrange and determine all matters pertaining to a National Field Trial including all disputes and/or objections,

which may arise.

11.5 It shall be the duty of all members of the Executive Committee to further the interests of the NFTA and to ensure the provisions of this Constitution,

the Regulations for the Conduct of Field Trials and the Rules for Judging of Field Trials stipulated by the NFTA are adhered to and upheld and that

all decisions arrived at in general meetings are carried into effect.

11.6 The Executive Committee shall ensure that a list reflecting the names and qualifications of Judges is maintained and annually updated.

11.7 The Secretary of the NFTA shall notify all Member Clubs of any changes made to a Member Clubs constitution within 14 days of receipt

of notice thereof.


12.1 An Annual General Meeting will be held.

12.2 A Special General Meeting may be convened in writing by at least 3 (three) Member Clubs.

12.3 Written notice of an Annual General Meeting and/or a Special General Meeting shall be given to all Member Clubs at least 6 (six) weeks

prior to the meeting.

12.4 The required quorum of a general meeting shall consist of a minimum of 2 (two) Member Clubs comprising either the BFTC and/or the

NFTC and two (2) other Member Clubs. The Agreement Member Clubs will not be taken into consideration to make a quorum.

12.5 Any general meeting of the NFTA shall be chaired by the President of the NFTA whose decision on any point of order or point of procedure

shall be final.

12.6 Minutes of every general meeting of the NFTA shall be accurately recorded by the Secretary and distributed to all Member Clubs within

four (4) weeks after such meetings.

12.7 Unless otherwise specified in this Constitution, all decisions shall be taken by simple majority and by a show of hands.

12.8 Each Member Club present shall be entitled to 1 (one) vote and in the event of a deadlock the BFTC and NFTC will be entitled to 2 (two) votes each.

The Agreement Member Clubs will not be entitled to vote.

12.9 All newly affiliated Member Clubs shall not be entitled to vote for a period of three years from the date of such Member Club’s affiliation.

12.10 The following business shall inter alia be conducted at the annual general meeting:

12.10.1 The election of office bearers;
12.10.2 Approval of financial statements;
12.10.3 The consideration of any application for membership;
12.10.4 The nomination of an address by each Member Club for service of any notice.
12.10.5 Any other relevant business including any other matters which are referred to in this Constitution.

12.11 All business which may otherwise have been conducted at a Special General meeting may be conducted without holding a Special General meeting,

provided all the Member Clubs have given written consent to the carrying out of such business or the taking of any decisions which may be required.

13.     ACCOUNTS

13.1 The Executive Committee shall cause to be prepared annually, a statement of the financial affairs of the NFTA showing its receipts and

expenditure during the preceding financial year.

13.2 The financial statements shall be compiled by the Treasurer and signed by the President and the Treasurer. The Treasurer shall ensure that

the financial statements are submitted to each of the Member Clubs.

13.3 The financial year of the NFTA will be from the 1st of February of every year to the 31st of January of the following year.

13.4 The Executive Committee shall ensure that the financial transactions of the NFTA are conducted by means of a banking account.


14.1 This Constitution, The Regulations for the Conduct of Field Trials and the Rules for the Judging of Field Trials shall not be amended unless

such amendments are carried by a two-thirds majority of the Executive Committee at an Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting.

14.2 A proposed amendment shall be submitted and motivated in writing to the Secretary and all Member Clubs not less than 6 (six) weeks

before such meeting.


15.1 Subject to the provisions of 12.4 hereof, a proposal to dissolve the NFTA shall not be carried unless three-quarters of the Member Clubs present

at a special general meeting convened for that purpose vote in favour of such proposal.

15.2 Immediately a decision to dissolve the NFTA has been taken the Executive Committee shall forthwith liquidate the NFTA's affairs.

Any property or surplus assets on realisation shall be disposed of to another body or bodies which have similar interests,

in the manner prescribed during a special general meeting at which the decision to dissolve the NFTA was taken.




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