1st       NFTCh Highlands Daisy                   Stuart Dewing
2nd      NFTCh Von Bush Bush Biscuit               Deon Jordaan
3rd       FTCh Mountain Valley Ammo                 Stuart Dewing

Certificate of Merit (COM)
     COM1       Glen Etive Jimmy                          Neil Scott
      COM2       F.T.Ch Winston Kola                     John Miller
      COM3       F.T.Ch Sport                                   Jane Mackie
      COM4       F.T.Ch Windsong’s Atilla              Dr Dieter Nischk

The 2015 NFTA Championships were held in Klerksdorp and surrounding farms and convened by the Central Field Trial Club over the weekend of 24 and 25 July 2015. The weather was a major factor with cold, windy and at times wet conditions making for some trying rounds. Birds were testy and handlers more cautious than usual.
     The Judging Panel whom acquitted themselves very well at this eminent event consisted of Rose Hoffman (Chief Judge) - CFTC, Mike Galloway - BFTC, Annecke Barnard – KZN HPR. The two day event was marked by cold, overcast weather and even light drizzles on day 1, followed by sunshine and cold weather on day 2. Three new venues which had been “tested” in the CFTC trial in June were used in this trial. All three were rather productive (or destructive as described by some) and proved to be the undoing of quite a few dogs. The venues were Neil Orford’s “Guinea Haven”, John Roos’s “Killing/Culling Fields” – feared for fur and feather and Thys Lourens “Vaalkop” - being the venue for the final afternoon round. The final round took place on a blustery and bitterly cold afternoon and the size and eagerness of the gallery was a great indication of the enjoyment and dedication all participants and families showed towards the sport.
     A total of 31 Pointers and Setters were qualified and invited to this National Championship event with 26 dogs entered into the draw of round one. The winner of the 2015 National Championship event was a tri colour Llewellyn Setter bitch NFTCh Highlands Daisy owned by Stuart Dewing (BFTC). Daisy had some tough competition throughout the trial but showed maturity not often seen in such a young dog and exuberance in all that she did. The judges had a very difficult time placing the top three but in the end her consistency and quality work earned her first place. The second place was awarded to N.FT.Ch Von Bush Bush Biscuit, a lemon and white Pointer bitch owned by Deon Jordaan. She performed consistently throughout the season achieving 3 COM’S in the annual Club events. As mentioned above there was very little separating the top dogs and Biscuit’s performance was again from the top drawer.

     The liver and white Pointer bitch FT.Ch. Mountain Valley Ammo owned by Stuart Dewing was placed third. This little dog earned a third place at BFTC championships and a COM at the CFTC Championships during the 2015 season.
A total of Four COM’s were awarded to the following dogs from 1 to 4: Glen Etive Jimmy - red Irish Setter dog owned by Neil Scott, F.T.Ch. Winston Kola Pointer bitch owned by John Miller, F.T.Ch Stormberg Sport Pointer bitch owned by Jane Mackie, F.T.Ch. Windsong’s Atilla Pointer dog owned by Dr Dieter Nischk.

National Colours were awarded to NFTCh Highlands Daisy – Stuart Dewing, N.FT.Ch Von Bush Bush Biscuit –Deon Jordaan, FTCh Dorset Jet – Bobsey Hart, Winston Astro- Alun Davies.

This year’s National Field Trail Championship was not only characterised by good dog work, clever birds and great camaraderie amongst the participants but also a fair amount of fun was had by all. On the first evening (Thursday) an auction of used / unused / not-wanted mother-in-law presents and various items were auctioned off by the well esteemed Jason Coleman-Miles who also conducted himself as an excellent Field Steward during the day. The second evening (Friday) a “Best Dressed” fashion and celebrity show was held in the Boma at HQ. Entertainment was provided by the winner of the Napier Idols 2014, Cocky Lobbin. The astute Fashion Police Panel consisted of Robbie Crawford-Brunt, Neil Scott and Charles Mackie.

The 2015 Field Trial Season was concluded with an outstanding prize-giving ceremony and dinner hosted by the friendly owners Anske and Winia of Inyala Lodge.

A special thank you to Yvette Fraser, Rose Hoffmann, Jason Coleman-Miles, Peter Koller, Perto Smith (Yvette’s Mom), Dr DJ Comyn (outstanding bar support), Deon Jordaan and Annecke Barnard for support, help with surveys and all the arrangements and organisation around the trial which often goes unseen but without which a trial would just not flow as this one did.

To all owners and your dogs, well done for participating and congratulations on your achievements during the 2015 field trial season.



1st     NatFTCh Von Bush Bush Biscuit     -     Deon Jordaan

2nd     Zimbo Cheyenne Dancer (Belle)    -     Anne Cooke (Zim)

3rd      FTCH Mountain Valley Ammo        -     Stuart Dewing

COM1      FTCh Dorset Jet                             -      Bobsey Hart

COM2     Bagshot Boss                              -      Robbie Crawford-Brunt

COM3      True Point Gem                              -      Yvette Fraser

The 2014 National Field Trial Championships were held in Parys and convened by the Natal Field Trial Club

The Judges of this prestigious event were:  Dr Karl Aadnesgaard (Chief Judge) (Natal FTC), Dr Ted Lamb (Border FTC) and Mrs Rose Hoffman (Central FTC) and the two day event tested them to the extreme.  Beautiful weather and an abundance of game birds contributed to the ultimate test of pointing dog's manners and poise.  The number of gamebirds truly exceeded those found in other events during the year by a large margin and even those field trials in previous years.  A total of 29 Pointers and Setters qualified and were invited to participate in this showcase event of which 24 dogs were entered and drawn in the first round.

 The winner of the 2014 NFTA National Championship event was NFTCh Von Bush Bush Biscuit, a lemon and white English Pointer Bitch owned by Deon Jordaan who won this event previously in 2011, also in Parys.  Biscuit completed a fantastic season by also achieving the spectacular distinction of being placed in every event that she competed in during the season.  She was awarded third place in the Western Cape FTC Champion stake, Border FTC Championship stake as well as the Natal FTC Championship stake and a Certificate of Merit in the Central FTC championship stake.  She was awarded the 2014 Dog of the Year award.

Zimbo Cheyenne Dancer (Belle) owned by Mrs Anne Cooke (Zimbabwe) was placed second.

FTCh Mountain Valley Ammo added a third place in this years National Championships to her win at the Central FTC Championships and thereby earned National Colours.  Ammo, a liver and White English Pointer Female is owned by Stuart Dewing from Cathcart.

A Certificate of  Merit was awarded to FTCH Dorset Jet, an English Pointer Male owned by Bobsey Hart, also of Cathcart.  Jet won the 2014 Western Cape Championship stakes in Bredasdorp earlier in the year and also earned National Colours.

Second Certificate of Merit was awarded to Bagshot Boss owned by Robbie Crawford Brunt, member of the Central Field Trial Club in Gauteng / North West Province.  Boss showed unbelievable discipline throughout the trial and especially in the final stages towards sunset on the final afternoon when his manners were tested to the extreme by some of his fellow competing dogs.  He emerged with flying colours and maintained his reputation as a real gentleman in the hunting field.

The final Certificate of Merit was awarded to True Point Gem owned by CFTC President Yvette Fraser.  Although still a young dog, Gem is gradually building a reputation as a pointer to watch in future.

At the conclusion of the 2014 field trial season, National Colours were also awarded to Winston Kola who won the 2014 Border and Natal Championship stakes. 

The performance of the Cathcart owners and their dogs must surely be congratulated.